How your website could be a target for

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Website accessibility isn't just the right thing to's the law.

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We offer an easy-to-install accessibility widget for your website that instantly adds a wide variety of accessibility tools and technology for your customers to use. Take a peek in the bottom right corner for a live example of our accessibility widget!


Not only will you reduce your risk of being a target of web accessibility lawsuits, have another business expense deduction, and expand your customer base, but you'll also be helping the disabled have more equal access on the internet!


Website Accessibility Lawsuits are rising

Data from Seyfarth shows that year after year, law firms are going after small and large businesses who make no effort to increase their website's accessibility. Don't fall prey to these law firms.

ADA Legislation

It's The Law

While the ADA hasn't outlined the specific requirements each website must meet to be considered "compliant," the Department of Justice has made it clear that the ADA does apply to websites. Businesses are therefore required to make reasonable modifications to their sites.


It only takes ONE person...

If just ONE single person with a disability finds they can't equally access your business website because you've made no effort to make it accessible, you could be sued for thousands AND fined up to $50,000 for your first violation of the ADA.

Client Word’s

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Dustin Miller

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